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Maxwell Burgess - Landing Page
Maxwell Burgess - Project Description
Maxwell Burgess - Project Description 2
Maxwell Burgess - About Me
Maxwell Burgess - Contact

Project | 01

Professional website | Maxwell Burgess

This was a personal website for a video game designer. One part arcade gallery, one part resume, this unique site highlights the visual aspects of his work while providing project content. I enjoyed adding links to file downloads and external sites. Play for yourself at Maxwell's site!

Bellezza Si - Landing Page
Bellezza Si - Shop
Bellezza Si - Landing Page 2
Bellezza Si - About Us
Bellezza Si - Charitable Works
Bellezza Si - Contact Us
Bellezza Si - Our Policies

Project | 02

Company website | Bellezza Si

This was a website for specialized skin care company out of New Jersey. This was an exciting project for me as I got to experiment with new tools. This site includes online sales and online booking, something I hadn't dealt with before. Book your amazing experience with Caterina or browse her skin-care products on her site!

Cox Family - Landing Page
Cox Family - The Reunion
Cox Family - Stories
Cox Family - Photos
Cox Family - About

Project | 03

Family website | the Cox Family

This kind family wanted their own website where they could share stories, photos, and plan a recurring family reunion. The site itself requires a password for access, protecting their privacy. Photos here have been edited with similar concerns. This site is a shareable scrapbook for their whole family! 

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